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All prints are complete with beginning and end titles, unless otherwise noted in the descriptions



All prints are originals unless otherwise stated


THE ADVENTURES OF SADIE 1953 British comedy film starring Joan Collins, George Cole, Kenneth More, Hermione Gingold and Robertson Hare. A woman is shipwrecked with three men on a deserted island. Very funny and inventive tale about three guys marooned on a desert island with snooty Joan Collins. Terrific characterization - the jerk, the dithering old man and the cheeky know-it-all sailor. Kenneth More at his cheerful best as the sailor, veteran Robertson Hare at his scatterbrained finest and George Cole at his most obnoxious. And then there's Joan Collins. beautifully shot on location in Majorca, Spain. stunning KODACHROME COLOR Print is in excellent shape, runs 88 minutes has stunning Kodachrome color, has all beginning and end credits        $175.00

ANGEL WITH A TRUMPET 1950, Eileen Herlie, Basil Sidney, charming story of a Viennese piano family, tale of two generations from Mayerling affair to World War 2,  beautiful quality print- $150 


Catherine The Great- 1934, Douglas Fairbanks CATHERINE THE GREAT, Czarina of All The Russias. Summoned by a fierce, dying Empress to marry the Russian heir, young princess Catherine soon learns that her bridegroom is both unfaithful & insane. After the death of the old Empress, Catherine's danger increases and she must learn to be very cunning in order to save herself from her unpredictable royal husband...Vienna-born Elisabeth Bergner, in her first English-language film, is radiant as the obscure German princess who would become the most powerful woman in Russian history. Hers is an excellent performance in a difficult role, where it would have been easy to be upstaged by the other, flashier, characters. As Grand Duke Peter - later Czar Peter III - Douglas Fairbanks Jr. behaves like a homicidal Hamlet, all moodiness & flares of deadly temper. He makes an interesting effort to create a charmer out of a pathetic man who was obviously a maniac.Dame Flora Robson is wonderful as the Empress Elizabeth. Suspicious, domineering & rather wanton, Dame Flora makes the viewer want to know the story of this noteworthy monarch, overshadowed in history by her colorful successor. Celebrated stage actress Dame Irene Vanbrugh makes a rare screen appearance as Catherine's mother.

Print is in very good to excellent shape, is on 2 1600 ft reels, runs 95 minutes, reel 1 has about 18 minor splices, Reel 2 has 2 minor splices. $125,00


"FAME IS THE SPUR" 1947, Michael Redgrave, Bernard Miles  A promising politician rockets to fame and fortune in this British drama, directed by England's famed Boulting Brothers. V.G. to exc. shape- $125


FIRST LOVE 1970, British, French, Swiss, Austrian director Maximilian Schell wrote, directed and starred in a version of Ivan Turgenev's novella, called Erste Liebe (American and British name: First Love), Print is excellent, color is faded, uncut, R Rated- $65

"LEASE OF LIFE" 1954, starring Adrienne Corri , Denholm Elliott , Lease of Life was the next-to-last film in the relatively short cinema career of actor Robert Donat, directed by Charles Frend,  Donat stars in this drama as a village priest who is told that he only has a year to live. Although he takes the news calmly, he is anxious that he still has to provide for his daughter, Adrienne Corri- $125                                 


LIBEL  1959,  fine courtroom drama piece with a superb performance by Dirk Bogarde in three roles. Although nominated only for a Sound Oscar (deserved- the sound mixing was excellent), it should have earned nods for Actor and Screenplay as well. Bogarde plays a WWII shattered Lord whose pre-prisoner of war camp escape memories have disappeared. starring  Olivia de Havilland, Dirk Bogarde, Paul Massie, Robert Morley,  Wilfrid Hyde-White, Anthony Dawson, exc. print   $175

"LOVER BOY" 1954, (LOVERS, HAPPY LOVERS) Gerard Philipe, Valerie Hobson, witty, ironic sex comedy, print is v.g. to exc. shape- $150



"SIDEWALKS OF LONDON"  aka St. Martin's Lane- 1938 Rex Harrison, Charles Laughton, Vivian Leigh, story of love, ambition and sacrifice among the buskers (street performers) of London. Exc. quality reduction, very good  shape- $65

"STEVIE" 1978. British screen biography of English poet Stevie Smith (Glenda Jackson), the tough but sensitive spinster who lived just about all of her life in the same row house in a London suburb with her loving maiden aunt (Mona Washbourne). Based on Hugh Whitemore's play and directed by Robert Enders, the movie's warmly sympathetic portrayal of these two women is unusually intelligent and articulate. It also proves to be highly entertaining fare, thanks largely to their memorable, very human performances. Also starring Trevor Howard, Print is exc., so-so color- $60 


1964, directed by Irvin Kershner, stars real-life couple Robert Shaw and Mary Ure as Irish immigrants in Montreal. A simple story of luck, love and tough times, Shaw especially gives a phenomenal performance as the somewhat escapist Coffey. Excellent B&W print- $150


WALL IN JERUSALEM, 1968, a feature length documentary narrated by Richard Burton; directed by Frederic Rossif and Albert Knobler; written by Joseph Kessel; produced by Para-France Films.  A Wall in Jerusalem" pays its tribute to the Diaspora: East European ghettos in film going back to the turn of the century, Nazi Germany, World War II, the postwar immigrant ships taken by the British virtually at the shores of Palestine. There are glimpses of the oldest Zionist settlements, the building of Tel Aviv after World War I, Sir Herbert Samuel (first British high commissioner) ceremoniously celebrating with both Jews and Arabs, a bit of Jewish vaudeville, the Palestinian sunlight on the deserted streets of the old city—prelude to the account of an Arab uprising in Jerusalem. 90 min. exc. shape- $125



all films in French with  English subtitles, unless otherwise stated


BACK STREETS OF PARIS (Macadam) Andrée Clément  Simone Signoret, Print is v.g. to exc., some splices in the titles then clears up, nothing missing- $125


A MATTER OF RESISTANCE Vie de château, La, 1966 Directed by Jean-Paul Rappeneau, starring Catherine Deneuve, Sweet and engaging French comedy with a World War II setting Letterboxed- 1:66:1  $250


"BLACK & WHITE IN COLOR" 1977, Starring: Jean Carmet, Jacques Dufilho,  Director: Jean-Jacques Annaud

Winner of the 1976 Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, Black and White in Color is a voracious and timely satire on racism, colonialism, and war. Set in the Ivory Coast during the First World War, a group of bungling French colonials learns that their country is at war with Germany. Spurred on by a capricious moment of patriotism, the Frenchmen decide to attack their German neighbors. Color rates from good to okay, print is excellent and uncut- $65



Bizarre, Bizarre (Drole De Drame)  1939 Riotous French comedy of errors from director Marcel Carne and scripter Jacques Prevert about a mystery writer who tries to cover up his wife's absence during a bishop's weekend visit...and winds up being suspected of murdering her!Michel Simon and Louis Jouvet star. 90 min. In French with English subtitles. Couple splices in the titles, otherwise exc.- $175

"THE LIARS" 1964, Dawn Adams, Jean Servais stars as an adventurer who returns from making his fortune in Africa and advertises for a wife. A lovely but mysterious woman (Dawn Adams) shows up with her 'son' and agrees to take the job. French with English subtitles. LETTERBOXED, Excellent shape  $150

"CLOCHEMERLE" 1948, Also Known As: Scandals of Clochemerle,  Directed by Pierre Chenal, A little town erupts in turmoil about the construction of a public urinal. The army is sent in to restore order, but the military add to the confusion by getting involved with the local women. 95 minutes, subtitled, v.g. to exc. shape- $150

"TWO ENGLISH GIRLS"François Truffaut's adept handling of language and art, sex and caprice, is in full flower in Two English Girls, an adaptation of the Henri-Pierre Roché novel. color is faded, exc. shape- $60


"A VERY CURIOUS GIRL" 1969,Nelly Caplan directs a 1969 tale of rural French hypocrisy, sex and revenge A peasant girl living in a small European village decides to stop giving the local men her sexual favors for free, and begins charging for her 'services' with hilarious results.   Nelly Kaplan's sensational sex comedy, with Bernadette Lafont as the town 'loose girl' who, tired of enduring physical and sexual exploitation, begins to charge for her services, accumulating power she never imagined, and 'gets back at her clients' for what they have done unto her. French with English subtitles.  color is so-so- print is v.g. to exc., uncut R rated- $60


"DEVIL IN THE FLESH" 1946, dubbed, with the star Micheline Preslie, dubbing her own voice, Gerard Philipe, Jacque Tati ,exc. print & quality- $90

THE WANDERER 1967,  (Le Grand Meaulnes), Directed by Jean-Gabriel Albicocco ,  Rural France , the 1890s. Always in motion, Augustin wanders three times. First, as a youth, while a boarder near Bourges , he's lost in the woods and finds a chateau where an engagement party's in progress: there he falls eternally in love with Yvonne and she with him. 115 MIN., Exc. Shape, color is faded    $45

PARDON MON AFFAIR 1976, Etienne(Jean Rochefort)is a happily married man and a good father. His friends all have secret affairs and/or cheat on their wives. One morning, Etienne sees a woman in red passing by his car. He falls in love with her and tries everything to get to know her better. Of course, this must be kept a secret to his wife. Whereas the story may not be very original, this film is extremely charming and amiable nonetheless. It has a great supporting cast(Brasseur is a stand-out), very funny moments and many real-life characters. Was later remade as THE WOMAN IN RED (with Gene Wilder and Kelly LeBrock).  Print has pinkish color, exc. Shape- $50


"PICNIC ON THE GRASS" 1959, Jean Renoir, Classic Renoir film is a paean to nature and its superiority over man- exc. print, faded color- $50


"SHAMELESS OLD LADY"  1965,  Sylvie, Malka Ribovska, Victor Lanoux, Bertolt Brecht story charmingly brought to the screen, print is excellent- $175


"THE WILD OAT" 1956, French/Italian, starring  Fernandel, the great French comedy star, Andrex,  directed by Walter Rupp, excellent shape- $90 


"VERSAILLES" 1954, Directed by Sacha Guitry, All star cast  Claudette Colbert, Danièle Delorme, Gaby Morlay, Édith Piaf, Jean-Pierre Aumont, Fernand Gravey, Gérard Philipe, Brigitte Bardot, Jean Marais, Witty narration follows the history of Versailles Palace; founded by Louis XIII, enlarged by autocratic Louis XIV, whose personal affairs and amours, and those of his two successors, are followed in more detail to the start of the Revolution, after which the story is brought rapidly up to date. A huge cast plays mainly historical persons who appear briefly. red color, subtitled, some wear in titles $35


all films subtitled in English unless otherwise stated.                                     

"INSPECTOR GENERAL" Mosfilm,Vladimir Petrov: Russian (English subtitles) 125 mins. 1954. Gogol's famous play, performed by members of the Moscow Art Theatre, filmed by Vladimir Petrov. Gogol's work is a satire of provincial corruption in Czarist Russia. An entire town mistakes an illiterate worker for the Czar's Inspector General, and the corrupt officials panic as they believe the man has come to check up on them. v.g. to exc. shape, some splices here & there- $150


"DUEL, THE" 1962, Chekhov's brooding story of a clash of wills between a youthful, irresponsible philosopher and a proud arrogent older man that erupts into a duel over a married woman, excellent print, 82 min., b&w- $150

                                                          SPANISH FILMS


                                                                     RUSSIAN FILMS

FATE OF A MAN 1957, by Sholokhov, Mikhail (1957) A Soviet soldier is captured and consigned to the Nazi concentration camps. He suffers hunger, torture, and humiliation before finally managing to escape and return to the Red Army. However, his wife and children all die during the war. When peace and demobilization come, he sinks into drepression and drunkenness, until he finds an orphan boy to care for, giving him a renewed reason to live. EXCELLENT Print, Subtitles- $150

MYRA PLISETSKAYA 1964, biographical account of Maya Plisetskaya, prima ballerina of Moscow's Bolshoi Ballet, provides a career spanning account of Plisetskaya's life from childhood, to her early career development, to highlights from her greatest roles. Some of the performance clips include her part in "Swan Lake," "Sleeping Beauty," "Spartacus," and "Romeo and Juliet." ~ Tracie Cooper, All Movie Guide, Excellent print- $125


The Gypsy Camp Vanishes into the Blue (aka Queen Of The Gypsys) 1975, Colorful, music-filled and sensual melodrama based on early stories by Maxim Gorky tells the fatal love story between the beautiful and rebellious girl Rada and the handsome horse thief Zobar. The story is set in early 20th century Bessarabia, now part of Moldova, then belonging to the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Print is exc., color has faded $60




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