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  All features are originals, unless noted in the description  

All prints are complete with beginning and end titles, unless otherwise noted in the descriptions 

















"CALIFORNIA CONQUEST" 1952, Cornel Wilde, Teresa Wright, adventure film is a v.g. to exc. print- $125                      


"DURANGO KID, THE" 1940, Columbia, Charles Starrett, Luana Walters, Sons Of The Pioneers, First of the Durango Kid series of features, print is very good to excellent- $90  





"FLOODS OF FEAR" 1959, Howard Keel, Anne Heywood, Escaped convicts hole up in a literally falling-apart house to escape extreme floods with not unpredictable melodrama ensuing. But what keeps the film moving along, like the constant menacing waves always inches from the screen, is its interesting series of twists and turns once the initial setup passes. And the special effects are an often brilliant mix of miniatures, intense live action and stock footage; a palpable sense of menace and fear hangs over the entire film, very good to excellent shape, b&w,    $90


Frontier Gun  John Agar, Joyce Meadows, Barton MacLane, 1957    Small-town sheriff discovers that gun-fighting is the only way to clean up the town.   Print is in  excellent  shape, is on 2 1600 ft reels, runs 70 minutes, $75.00




"INVITATION TO HAPPINESS" 1939  Irene Dunne, Fred MacMurray, Charles Ruggles, beautiful print, uncut- $150




Government Girl 1943 - Olivia de Havilland, Sonny Tufts, Anne Shirley, James Dunn, Agnes Moorehead a look at wartime Washington. We clearly see the role of the working woman, the housing crisis, the problems getting a hotel room, and the bureaucracy. de Havilland plays a young woman with no plans to get married, because she has her career - a prevailing attitude in those days. Government Girl" certainly gives us an interesting look of the U.S. in wartime. Kodak Print is in  excellent  shape, is on 3 1600 ft reels    $90

Cecil B. Demille's 1927 KING OF KINGS

With the RCA Photophone System



KING OF KINGS  Cecil B. Demille's  elaborate 1927 silent film has extreme energy, its range of terrific performances, and, just its considerable beauty as a superbly crafted silent film. The King of Kings remains one of Hollywood’s most remarkable achievements. The sound is in the RCA Photophone System, A trade name given to one of four major competing technologies that emerged in the American film industry in the late 1920s for synchronizing electronically recorded audio to a motion picture image. RCA Photophone was a variable-area film exposure system. It has a full musical score and sound and choral effects.The first movie that premiered at the legendary Cinema Grauman's Chinese Theater in Los Angeles, on May 18, 1927. Original print is in very good shape with beautiful contrast and runs 115 minutes with all credits. Black and white- $135         




MOONLIGHT SONATA- 1937 Charles Farrell, Ignacy Jan Paderewski. wonderful movie for classical music lovers, film almost plays as a historical record of the famous pianist Ignace Paderewski's marvellous playing. Charles Farrell and Barbara Greene are the romantic leads and the tale revolves around the survivors of a plane crash who are guests of the aristocratic Baroness Lindenborg (Marie Tempest). Original print is in very good shape- $95      


No Love For Johnnie-  Peter Finch Stanley Holloway  A very powerful film, unforgettable to any serious viewer. Peter Finch gives a full performance of a man searching for two things in life, love and political success.  The movie is a study of how much a person is willing to give up for political power and respect. Finch sells his heart and soul for a pathetically small piece of this power, as an MP moving from the upper, and less influential, benches to a coveted spot in the lower or front bench. The final frame is one of the most chilling moments in film history.   Original print is in excellent plus  shape,   complete with all titles     $80,00


 The Outsider- 1961, Tony Curtis, James Francisco, the true story of Ira Hayes, a Pima Indian who became a US Marine and was one of the famous flag raisers on Mt. Surabachi at Iwo Jima. The movie goes into Hayes life after the war as well but unlike many movies of the genre, the story and acting do not lose any steam. In fact, the emotional intensity seems to deepen. Tony Curtis, who is a WW2 navy veteran {submariner}, gives what I feel is his best performance ever. This story of a simple and fundamentally good man, thrust into a big and dangerous world, TV print is in excellent shape- $85






"SILVER WHIP" 1951, Dale Robertson, Rory Calhoun, Robert Wagner, actionful western, exc. print- $125

"SQUADRON OF DOOM"  condensation of the serial Ace Drummon, v.g. to exc. print, 73 min.- condensation of the serial Ace Drummon, v.g. to exc. print, 73 min.- $150


"THIS SIDE OF THE LAW' 1950, Viveca Lindfors, Kent Smith, Monte Blue, print is v.g. to exc.- $75












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