16mm Classic Foreign Shorts

                                                            Updated September  16  2012


G.B.S., The life of George Bernard Shaw 1956, Wendy Hiller, Anthony Asquith, a look at the life of this great Literary figure, with interviews and newsreel sequences of the great man himself, 20 min. b&w, excellent shape- $50

AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A PRINCESS 1975, James Mason, Merchant Ivory production, color is pink, print is excellent, 60 min- $45

AN ACT OF FAITH 1949,  The rebuilding of the church of St. Michael at Coventry The ruins of St Michael’s are the consequence of violence in our own century. On the night of 14 November 1940, the city of Coventry was devastated by bombs dropped by the Luftwaffe. The Cathedral burned with the city, having been hit by several incendiary devices. The decision to rebuild the cathedral was taken the morning after its destruction. Rebuilding would not be an act of defiance, but rather a sign of faith, trust and hope for the future of the world. BBC Symphony orch. Print runs 38 min., b&w, vg to exc. shape- $65


THE HECKLERS 1964, a film by Joseph Strick,  BBC, 40 MIN., A comical look at British politics, b&w, excellent shape-  $80

ROMANCE WITH A DOUBLE BASS  1974, a 40-minute short subject, designed for British television. John Cleese, still in his Monty Python period, plays a double-bass player who woos a lovely princess (Connie Booth). Both Cleese and his beloved are left to wander the countryside naked when a thief steals their clothes. with amusing cameos from such master performers as Graham Crowden and Freddie Jones. color is so-so to pinkish, v.g. to exc. shape- $75

HORIZON  1969  A look at the The Crab Nebula,  the most famous and 

conspicuous known supernova remnant, an cloud of gas created in the explosionof a star as supernova. The supernova was noted on July 4, 1054 A.D. by Chinese astronomers, and was about four times brighter than Venus, or about mag -6. According to the records, it was visible in daylight for 23 days, and 653 days to the naked eye in the night sky. It was probably also recorded by Anasazi Indian artists (in present-day Arizona and New Mexico), as findings in Navaho Canyon and White Mesa (both AZ) as well as in the Chaco Canyon National Park (NM) indicate; there's a review of the research on the Chaco Canyon Anazasi art on line.   1 Hour, BBC,  color is okay, print is excellent $50


AN OCCURANCE AT OWL CREEK BRIDGE 1962, directed by Robert Enrico, winner of the Grand Prix at Cannes, & the following year an Academy Award for best live action short subject, This famous featurette was also used as a Twilight Zone episode, based on a short story by Ambrose Bierce, 30 min., v.g. to exc. shape-  print missing the opening titles, otherwise complete, in  v.g. to exc. shape-  $75 

ADOLESCENCE  1966, Directed by, Vladimir Forgency, winner of the Venice Festival, San Giorgio Prize, Mannheim festival, Golden Ducat, 14th N.Y. Film Festival prize &  Academy Award Nominee, 22 min., on BalletA small and poignant film, 30 minutes of truth about the devotion and the grandeur of the dance, b&w, exc. shape- $60

BALZAC 1949, Narrated in English, a look at the life of famous  French novelist Balzac, 20 min.- $35

GLORY TO FELIX TOURNACHION 1966, A film portrait of the man who made the first, enduring photographic portraits of France's leading 19th century artists--among them Honoré de Balzac, Victor Hugo, and the divine Sarah Bernhardt,  fair color, Narrated in English  20 min.- $30


The Emperor Penquins 1953, Armor Films, Narrator Tom McKee, Paul Emile Victor, Leader Of The French Polar Expedition, Photographed during the the third French Polar expedition to Terre Adelie,  photographed and directed by Mario Marret, 10 minutes, excellent shape- $20

ONE EYED MEN ARE KINGS 1974, Michel Leroy ,Oscar winner for best foreign short, exc. shape, faded color- 15 min. $20


CIRCUSZ  1967, subtitled, b&w, 2 reeler with a circus theme, exc. shape- $25


LET'S GO TO PRESS 1939, the inner workings of a European newspaper, exc. shape, in English, 15 min.- $15      



LEO TOLSTOY  1950 , The Famed Russian writer of Dr. Zhivago is profiled here with rare archive footage, print is v.g. to exc. shape, b&w, 50 min. narrated in English- $75

A BALLAD OF LOVE 1964, winner of the Gold Prize of the fourth international Moscow Film Festival, directed by Mikail  Bogen, Riga Films, 40 min.-  $75


GALINA ULANOVA   Documentary on the famed Ballet dancer. Her impact on both Russian and Western ballet was enormous. Unforgettable are her roles in Giselle, Romeo and Juliet, Sleeping Beauty, Les Sylphides, Fountain of Bakhchisaray and many others. In 1959 she became ballet mistress of the Bolshoi, 45 minutes, narrated in English, with plenty of old film footage- $75

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