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   Features, cartoons, TV Shows, Shorts, and more films for the Budget minded


Budget  Feature Films


Naughty Marietta 1935, marked the first teaming of Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy, Frank Morgan, v.g. to exc. shape Print is a 40 minute professional  condensation- $55                                     

TO HELL & BACK 1955, Audie Murphy, Marshall Thompson, WW 2 film is very good to exc., faded color, flat- $75

First Love 1970, British, French, Swiss, Austrian director Maximilian Schell wrote, directed and starred in a version of Ivan Turgenev's novella, called Erste Liebe (American and British name: First Love), Print is excellent, color is faded, uncut, R Rated- $65

Claudia 1943,  Starring: Dorothy McGuire, in her film debut, Robert Young, Ina Claire, Reginald Gardiner, This film was adapted from the hit play by Rose Franken, and featured the actress who created the character of Claudia for the stage, Charmingly Mannered Comedy, titles are splicy, otherwise very good shape- $50

Ringside 1949, Don Barry, Sheila Ryan, Exciting revenge, boxing film, v.g. to exc.  shape- $55

ROLLOVER  1981, Alan J. Paluka directs the political thriller Rollover, produced by leading lady Jane Fonda's production company, IPC Films. Featuring a racist plot and negative stereotypes about the Arab world, okay  SP Kodak color, exc. shape- $50


HOUR OF TRUTH 1966, Brett Halsey, World War 2 auctioner, B&W $60


The Arrangement- Kirk Douglas, Deborah Kerr, directed by Elia Kazan color is so-so, print is excellent- $35







Television Playhouse  1952, Play Of The Week with host  Donald Cook, Episode THE HOME COMING starring Leif Ericson & Helen Westcott, Evelyn Scott PSI TV, 30 min., v.g. shape- $20      



Grand Jury 1958, episode 9,'CONSPIRACY', Lyle Bettger, Harold J. Stone, Cases of two Grand Jury Investigators. Desilu Productions, Inc. National Telefilm Associates, Inc. (Republic Pictures Corporation), 30 min., exc. shape-  $20


Two Faces West 'The Music Box', 1961, Screen Gems,  Charles Bateman,Ron Hayes, Sue George western, episode 37 of 39  print has some wear light emulsion lines that come and go, good to very good shape- $12

INSIGHT 1977, I Want To Die,  Jeanne Cooper, Grant Goodeve, 30 min. faded color- $10


MY THREE SONS, "Gossip Inc." faded color, missing opening titles, otherwise complete- $7





THE MAGIC PEAR TREE-Jimmy Murakami,1968 Oscar nominee, very good b&w print- $20


TERRIBLE TOREADOR 1930, Disney Silly Symphony, silent print- $10


ALONG FLIRTATION WALK 1934, Warners Agfa low fade color, was printed with the wrong soundtrack in the lab-  $8

ALEXANDER & THE SLEEP PEOPLE  McGraw Hill Animatoons series, Originally a foreign cartoon, 17 minutes, fully animated, faded color, exc. shape- $10


                                        WARNER BROTHERS CARTOONS  


DAFFY'S  INN TROUBLE 1961, starring Daffy Duck and Porky Pig. v.g. to exc. shape, faded Eastman color- $12


THOSE BEAUTIFUL DAMES- 1934, Faded color, exc. shape- $10

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                                                     ANIMATED TV SHOWS






     Budget Shorts


Castle Comedies, all sound   


                                        $13 EACH-  All sound, all excellent shape

The Big Thumb

Excerpted from  "It's A Gift"

Circus Slicker

Excerpted from "You Can't Cheat an Honest Man"

California Bound

Excerpted from "It's A Gift"

Much Ado About Golf

W.C. Fields performs his celebrated golf routine, Excerpted from "You're Telling Me"

THE GREAT JEWEL ROBBERY, The Marx Brothers final appearence together

 exc. shape- $20

PIGSKIN CAPERS - The Marx Brothers, very good shape- $12


The Undersea World Of Jacque Cousteau 1978, The Legend Of Lake Titicaca, Narrated by Rod Serling,

v.g. to exc. shape, color is fair- 1 hour- $40


Gunsmith Of Williamsburg 1969, Colonial Williamsburg, excellent print has faded color, 50 minutes- $25


The Ascent Of Man 1971, 'World Within World', excellent print has faded color, 50 minutes- $20

Walt Disney Educational Shorts

Fergi Builds A Business Disney, Episode title 'Fergie Goes Inc.'   From a series  of 4  educational films a family named Ferguson decide one summer that, instead of hanging out and enjoying the weather, they should get all the neighborhood kids together

and spend the summer manufacturing cheap silkscreened T-shirts in their garage. 30 minutes, nice SP Kodak color- $15

Teeth Are For Chewing 1971   Disney,  10 MIN., SO-SO COLOR  $8


Fitness For Living- Disney Educational, A look at Fitness and How to get Fit color is so-so print very good to exc.- $7

In A Diamond's Glow- 1978, a look at diamonds from the  mining of  to the Jeweler, color is good, print is exc.,

    replaced end title, 30 min.- $12


Chicken Soup- 1970, Carousel Films    A look at making Jewish Chicken Soup documentary short presents Anna, a vivacious, elderly German-Jewish immigrant living in the Bronx, who, in hopes of preserving a culinary tradition, demonstrates and kvells over her recipe for a "real Jewish" chicken soup. 14 min., b&w, exc. shape- $20


SCIENCE & LIFE, How Your Body Works, The Muscles, BBC Television Film, 20 minutes, very good shape- $12 


American Heritage, Hall Of Fame- 1955. a look at the Hall Of Fame in University Heights, 5 minutes Washington DC,

   B&W- $12


American Heritage, Alexander Hamilton, Statesman, Patriot, Soldier- 1956, A look at Hamilton,s life, The disrepair of Hamilton's only owned home Hamilton Grange, and his famous duel with Aaron Burr, 9 minutes, v.g. to exc. shape- $12


Pilgrims In America 1961, McGraw Hill, with the Mabel Beaton Marionettes,

a look at the Pilgrams and the first Thanksgiving, elaborate short with Marionettes, Kodachrome color, 20 minutes, missing main title, Titles are at the end, otherwise fine- $20



But Jack Was A Good Driver- 1974, Larry Wilcox, Beau Bridges, so so color, a look at suicide, 15 min. exc. shape - $15


The Puritan Experience 1981,'Forsaking England' Learning Corporation Of America, directed by Richard (Return Of The Jedi) Marquand, starring David Warner, okay color, exc. shape- The prejudices, moral & hard lives of the Puritans in the 1600's, 30 min.- $15


TWO THOUSAND YEARS AGO- 'The Travelers" A reconstruction of life in Palestine in the time of Christ, excellent shape, 20 minutes, B&W    $15


Man & The State, Roosevelt, Hoover On The Economy 1976, CBS,  What would happen if Herbert Hoover and Franklin Roosevelt were forced to confront one another and debate their reasons for acting or failng to act, during the great depression? In this dramatic, open-ended film, the viewer is asked to evaluate the conflicting views of Roosevelt and Hoover on deficit financing, bureaucracy and the role the federal government would play in people's lives-issues that are vitally affecting us today. SO-SO. Color, exc. shape, 25 min.- $10

YANKEE DOODLE TALES Pathe News, Inc., a look at Abraham Lincoln, using clips from the Hollywood productions, 7 min. $10

Films about Countries and Cities in Europe



Americans In Berlin  1978, a look at Berlin, The Wall, and the  American presence in the city, old & new footage,  color IS FADED, , 30 min., exc. shape- $20

ROME THE ETERNAL CITY 1950, a look at ancient & modern Rome, 10 min., exc. shape- $15

Pathe News- Pathe news segments, 10 minutes, silent, excellent shape- $8


 Mid-Evil Gilds 1976, a look at a Mid evil town & life in it, beautiful Fuji color, exc. shape, 21  min. $15


A Planter Of Colonal Virginia 1740-1765, 1960  1 reeler, a look at James Scott, his family, Plantation and slaves, done with actors, excellent b&w print- $15


A Tail For All Seasons- 1970, A nostalgic look at the Condestadora trail,  and the vacation spots and historic monuments around it, 6 Flags Over Texas, San Antonio, The Alamo, Monument Valley, Rio Grande, Santa Fay, Camelback Mountain, The Grand Canyon, Corpus Christie, Tombstone Ariz, Phoenix, etc., color is so-so, EXCELLENT SHAPE, 35 minutes  $18

 From the Discover America series


Singing America's Songs, America The Beautiful  Stiring Patriotic short about the great song America The Beautiful, hosted by Macdonald Carey, song performed by a variety of people including the Salvation Army National  Band, color is Pink, v.g. shape, 10 minutes- $10


Electricity 1955, campy short about a kid learning about electricity in the household, stunning Kodachrome  color.  Short opening title, otherwise excellent, runs 12 min.  $10

ABRAHAM LINCOLN, A BACKGROUND 1951, Coronet Films, the life of this great American, pink, exc. shape 20 min.-  $8        

                                        CORONET  ANIMATED  LEARNING 






LEARNING TO FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS 1983, animated film, Sinbad The Sailor learns To Follow Instructions, 12 min. beautiful LPP COLOR  -, $9

MAGNETS: The Dragon's Secrets, 1981, animated & live look at the world of magnets, 15 min.- $12

THE USE & CARE OF BOOKS- 1978, nice color, v.g. shape,- 15 min., $8

BUDGET LPP Low Fade Color Shorts

The Portrait- 1987, A Touching look at a teenage artist's attempted suicide, well acted, excellent shape, 30 minutes, LPP color- $15



Take A Stand- Terra Nova Films, 1983 A look at crime in the big city, beautiful LPP color, very good to excellent shape, 20 minutes, - $15



Maps, Where Am I- 1985, a look at different kinds of maps, Globes, physical, political, relief, road maps,   Gorgeous  LPP color, excellent shape, 10 minutes- $14

TO YOUR HEARTS CONTENT 1984, The Joys of exercise and getting into shape, 30 minutes, excellent shape,

 LPP color- $12

Energy From The Sun  1980, Solar Energy, a fascinating look at the various ways modern technology is used to capture and store the sun's energy, LPP color, 20 minutes, exc. shape- $12

Take A Stand 1983, Torranova Films, a look at victims of crime, LPP color, v.g. to exc.shape- $8


Professional Food  Preparation & Service Program, Food Purchasing, General Principles Nat. Education Media  a look at the food industry and the right way to buy and prepare vast quantities of food , beautifull LPP color, 12 minutes, exc. shape- $7

LET BUYER BEWARE, 1983, a LOOK at food purchasing and the food industry as a whole, beautiful LPP color,  12 ,min., exc. shape- $6


Electrical Safety-  1977, Safety with working with electricity in the home, stunning LPP color,  


exc. shape, 12 min. $5



Cave Dwellers Of The Old Stone Age- Encyclopedia Britannica, 1976,  look at life in the stone age, okay Fuji color  $8

Films About Animals


The Emperor Penquins 1953, Armor Films, Narrator Tom McKee, Photographed during the the third French Polar expedition to Terre Adelie, 10 minutes, excellent shape- $20


About Animals, Gerbils- Xerox Films- A look at children's favorite pet "Gerbils"   On Agfa 1S Color stock, 10 minutes, very good shape- $12


Instincts In Animals 1985, A look at the primal instincts in Beavers, Birds, Puppies, and other animals,

beautiful LPP color, 10 min.  exc. shape- LPP color,- $10

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